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Sic Bo Casinos for Real Money in Australia

Sic Bo is a relatively young game in the online gaming world, though it already gained ground in Asian countries long ago. Nowadays, gamblers are hungry for new experiences and approaches to make a profit during a pleasing pastime, more often than not reaching out to online casinos where online Sic Bo mechanisms are readily available. You do not need to root out these places, investigate, and compare them with one another. Our specialists compiled this rating for an online Sic Bo game.

Premier Sic Bo Online Casinos for real Money

In online Sic Bo, parallel to other gambling games, software transparency is a crucial feature. To empower a developer with your trust, you should be one-hundred per cent convinced that designers are playing fairly. When we comprise our casino games rating, amongst other qualifications, we consider characteristics like the code randomization, banking safety and security, payoffs rate, license and certificate. This multi-faceted method ensures our clients the reliability of the sites we recommend.

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Sic Bo Games in Australia

Sic Bo Rules

Sic Bo in Chinese means 2 dice. Despite its name, in Sic Bo, a player gambles with 3 of them. The rules are undemanding. You bet on some particular scenario on a Sic Bo playing field, or table. Next thing, a dealer, or the virtual Sic Bo algorithm, puts dice in a Sic Bo cage to toss them. If a player calls the turn of the fallen dice, they win. Then your casino rewards you with reference to the odds of Sic Bo online. Each player can place several bets simultaneously.

NB! After placing bets, some odds may be randomly increased. Those advanced will be on your screen as fast as stakes are made.

To get more information about essential payoffs in Sic Bo, follow our next section.

Big and Small Bets

To catch this prize, a player should guess the total amount of 3 dice. A Small bet stands for the muster from 4 to 10 points. The Big one starts at 11 and extends up to 17. If the score falls out of the range, neither wins. The payment rate is 1:1.

Total of All Bets

With this variation, you win when you correctly call the sum of 3 dice. You can stake from 4 to 17. The payments in Sic Bo Totals are generally distributed according to this scheme:


Payout rate


60 : 1


30 : 1


17 : 1


12 : 1


8 : 1


6 : 1


6 : 1


6 : 1


6 : 1


8 : 1


12 : 1


17 : 1


30 : 1


60 : 1

In some casino websites, these rates may vary.

Double Bets

When betting double, a player anticipates that two dice are with identical faces. Should you win, your gain will make 10: 1. Still, the probability for a Double is scant, to tell you the truth, it barely hits 7.41%.

Triple Bets

It is the second large gain any gambler will be pleased to catch playing Sic Bo. The Triple is paid 30:1. Yet still, the probability of 3 dice having one common face is scarce – 2.78%.

Single Number Bets

You merely bet a die to fall at any number from 1 to 6. Payouts range relying on how many times your chosen number emerges on dice faces:

  • 1:1 with a single case, for example, 2 in a 3-6-2 pattern;
  • 2:1 with a combo, or 2-1-2 pattern;
  • 3:1 with a triple, in other words, 2-2-2 pattern;

Professional gamblers and mathematicians call this one the safest bet in digital Sic Bo. Still, bear in mind that the probability for a single shot is 34.72%, gradually dwindling up to 6.94% if you strive for a combo and 0.46% in a triple.

Two Dice Combo

Here, there are 15 combinations that may come on 2 dice faces. If you catch this mix, your payout will stand for 5: 1. The probability for a Two Dice Combo in Sic bo is 13.89%.

Specific Triple Bet

This is quite similar to the Triple. The discrepancy lies here: to catch a Specific Triple, you stake that all 3 have a particular number you pick, for instance, 3 fives. The payout jumps at 180:1. It looks like a delightful prospect, with one obstacle. Specific Triple in virtual Sic Bo is rare, kind of c-change. Statistics says that it hardly reaches 0.46%. Moreover, the casino house edge is maximal.

How To Win in Sic Bo – Top Tips For Players

Even though playing Sic Bo you almost completely call for pure luck, one betting strategy exceeds the other. Besides, a player still would only benefit from some additional research of possible outcomes. Bets in Sic Bo are not equal both in their payouts along with the occurrence percentage, from the mathematical point of view. In this regard, players have different perspectives to win and lose. Choosing a well-balanced strategy requires some extra knowledge.

  • Low-risk Sic Bo. Here come bets with the greatest winning prospective, namely Small and Big ones. All in all, in this betting type, both players and casinos have equal probability levels to win. Another opportunity to gamble Sic bo online at minimal risks is a Two Dice Combo, offering a low advantage for a casino site.
  • Medium-risk Sic Bo. This strategy is chancier. It comprises of Single Numbers and the Total of All. Its advantage is high payouts. A blatant snag is a colossal benefit for a casino. It is crucial to take into account that some numbers fall out more frequently than others. To play Sic Bo online successfully, you should choose decent verified online casinos.
  • High-risk Sic Bo. Of the enormous peril is Specific Triple due to the bottom possibility for 3 dice of having the same face. It corresponds to 0.46%. However, regular Triple is more promising, giving as much as 2.78%. The advantage of a casino domain is maximal, 16.74% and 11.04%, respectively.

Supplementary general tips of Sic Bo presuppose that you:

  • Thoroughly study the rules and bets variations because comprehensive knowledge gives you confidence.
  • Stick to bets with a payout from 1: 1 to 5: 1 – Small and Big, Single Number, Two Dice Combo. These are though moderate the most prudent of all and provide you with the safety of a victory.
  • Set money boundaries, crossing which you will put off playing till the next day. It is no use trying to get back your assets. On the contrary, it may worsen your situation.
  • Never gamble in a bad mood. At such moments you cannot control yourself. Research shows that people tend to fail when negative emotions serve as driving factors.
  • Study materials that comprise information about the peculiarities of this game. Watch tutorials, read reviews to absorb other players’ experiences.
  • Try various strategies and approaches to find the most effective. Analyse how these methods work.
  • Study statistics. It is not obligatory, though might be really operative when you calculate the prevalence of one outcome over some other.

Sic Bo Glossary

For your convenience, we compiled a list of the fundamental Sic Bo concepts. Take a screenshot to keep this glossary at hand when you play it online.

Sic Bo (a pair of dice in Chinese) – a betting game played with 3 dice. The number of gamblers extends from one to infinitely many. The closest relatives of Sic Bo include Grand Azar and Craps.

Die (pl. dice) – a playing cube with six faces. To gain a prize, a gambler must foresee a combination that the three dice will fall at.

Sic Bo cage – a digital case where dice end up to become tossed before and then disposed of on the screen.


  • Small – total of 3 dice in the range of 4-10
  • Big – total of 3 dice in the range of 11-17
  • Total – exact amount all three dice
  • Single Number – any number on a dice
  • Two Dice Combo – combination on two of the three dice
  • Double – 2 dice with an identical chosen number
  • Specific Triple – 3 dice with an identical chosen number
  • Triple – 3 dice with any identical number

FAQ About Sic Bo Games In Australia

Especially for your inquisitive personality, we compiled this Sic Bo Q&A part. Gather these details to compose a conspicuous map of the game.