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Best Real Money Blackjack in Australia

Blackjack online worthily occupies its place as the most requested game in online establishments. Here, you will gain all the necessary expertise on this well-known game. We have eliminated all possible difficulties players may have trying to find real money blackjack games destinations online. You will discover comprehensive content about this game, its rules, casinos that provide first-rate gambling, questions we get frequently asked. Try your luck online and explore where you can play blackjack in Australia!

Blackjack Games in Australia

Blackjack games are an integral part of every casino repertoire. They are visitors’ favourite who choose this game for its simplicity, high-profit chance and catching playing process. Here, all presented casino sites undergo thorough testing. We evaluate reliability, winning chances, bonuses, game variety, payment speed. We are pretty sure you are looking for a reliable online secure environment that offers blackjack for fun and cash. These options are just for you.

How to Play Online Blackjack: Tips and Tricks

The idea of blackjack games consists in scoring with your cards 21 or something as close as possible, but no more, or wait for a dealer to gain more than 21 points, which gives a player an automatic win.

You will find this game in every digital casino. But many modify not only bets minimums and maximums but also generally accepted rules. To attract players to a competitive environment, some casinos transform rules which gives players a little more advantage. There are also independent varieties of blackjack games that have their names, differ from the classic type in numbers of cards, bonus payments, or card combinations.

This game happens at a table marked with rectangular betting boxes. Some real money blackjack tables include from 7 to 12 boxes. Each player can choose any number of free boxes to bet, thus playing in several hands simultaneously. Cards are handled overtly. At first, a croupier deals 2 cards for a player, then takes a card themselves. Then, players, one at a time, take cards on the boxes, after which the croupier collects cards for themselves. Players do not anyhow compete against each other. The goal is for each player to defeat the dealer.

In online live classic blackjack, there is a deck of 312 cards – 6 decks with 52 cards each. The player needs to collect maximum points, but no more than 21. If it does exceed 21, a player loses, and their bet goes in a casino bank, regardless of a dealer’s overbalance.

Card suits are of no importance. Cards from 2 to 10 have corresponding points; jacks, queens, kings give 10 points each; aces can be counted for 1 or 11 points. When scoring points with aces, the maximum possible count, not topping 21, is selected. A phenomenon when the ace is valued both as 1 and 11, without surpassing 21, is called the soft hand. On the hard hand, the ace can value only 1 point, otherwise, there is an excess.

Tips to hit the jackpot in blackjack games

Needless to say, you gamble for cash. That is how you can make it.

  • Following the rules. It is a basic strategy where a player who has gained a dozen or more points passes not to lay down at stakes and run into a ten that will mean momentary loss.
  • Doubling. After losing, a player doubles their bet. The same action again and again until they win. Right afterwards, the original amount is bet. It is a do-or-die strategy, but if all conditions are met, it may well result in a profitable win.
  • 1-3-2-6 scheme of betting resides in the following. After winning for the first time, you raise your bet three times, then twice, and finally six times. It stands to mention that every loss brings a gambler back to their initial bet.
  • Stalking. At the beginning of a game, you set yourself the lowest and highest limits . Professionals suggest a player take 1% of the bank as a minimum and 10% as a maximum. At first, you start betting with the minimum. When you win, you bet the maximum. And so on until your first defeat, and then all over again.

Besides, there are somewhat golden rules for desired blackjack games and delicious gains.

  • Stay in control over your money. Before you set off for a game, you should allocate sums that you can spend on bets and those you cannot.
  • Recoup no more. In these moments, emotions may suffocate you. Hasty decisions about getting back what you lost may be all-consuming. Nevertheless, be the master of your feelings and keep a sober mind.
  • Familiarize yourself with ins and outs. Feel comfortable in the environment. Hone your skills.
  • Do reasonably. Carefully vet every single action of yours. You should just bet high amounts without a draft analysis of the situation on the playing field.
  • Explore the payout rate that your casino offers. Studying the house edge notion, you will understand what chance of victory players have in given virtual casino games.

Choose the best online blackjack games for real money

Gamblers all around the world betting money in real in-person blackjack appreciated this game so much that over time many new varieties of it arose. Each of them has different rules, but the invariable principle of 21 points remains. The most popular varieties of blackjack games are listed below.


This variation is the closest relative of the classic type. A difference lies within the number of cards – 104 in European against 312 in the original. Other rules remain. A player has an option to split, double, surrender, and insure if they feel it necessary when a croupier has an ace.

Atlantic City

Similarly to Vegas blackjack, when a dealer’s open card is a 10 or ace, they check another card straight away. This game utilizes 416 cards or 8 standard decks.


This kind is represented in each Vegas casino. A peculiarity is this. A dealer picks their 2 cards first, with one held face down until the game ends. When an open card is a 10 or ace, the dealer checks his second closed card. If it totals in blackjack, the game stops, players cannot pick cards, and those without 21 lose. Put that aside, that is like the pioneer version.


This variety is offered chiefly in online casinos. This game has six standard decks and two boxes where playing takes place simultaneously. A player can change the top two cards after the first hand. Since the blackjack combination happens much more often under such conditions, the payout is always 1 to 1. A dealer stops getting his cards with a soft hand of 17 points.


Among all others, this type has the most different rules from the classic kind. For this game, 8 decks of cards are employed, but these are the so-called Spanish decks, with 48 cards each. It should be noted that the mathematical advantage of an online casino over the blackjack gamblers who play for money is much higher in this type of game than in its classic variant.

FAQ About Blackjack Games In Australia

Should you request some more information, check this frequently asked questions section to get a complete picture of blackjack games.