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Online Roulette Games In Australia

Online roulette is probably one of the most renowned games in any casino. Since this is the top in numerous reviews, no matter if you play in brick-and-mortar establishments or an Internet one, you will spend your time magnificently and potentially earn some cash. The rules are elementary and require no special skills.

Best Australian Casinos To Play Live Roulette

Because of worldwide digitalisation, you can revel in your favourite game at home. There are the best casinos found online with a breathtaking roulette to play in Australia.

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Roulette Games in Australia

How To Play Online Roulette – Tips and Tricks

Many specialists and roulette enthusiasts have offered their methods to play any roulette, offline or online, and win. One well-known strategy, martingale, basically suggests playing a bet doubling it until a series of bets becomes positive. In addition, there are other attempts to provide a mathematical advantage. And those poorly versed in mathematics may be fascinated by these theories, and the desire to test them may be all-consuming. Unfortunately, most methods do not work. Therefore, you should focus on more general techniques.

  1. Pick tables with lower stakes.
  2. Abide by a good strategy.
  3. Do not overplay with bonuses. Observe banking limits.
  4. Keep your sanity in various game situations.
  5. Do not haste to recoup. When you gamble online, a roulette becomes more addicting than a real one, and money spendings are less apparent.
  6. Do not let your emotions spin your head. Keep royal countenance.
  7. If you want to win, play against other players, not a casino.

Odds and Payouts

Apart from being a fun pastime, roulette may be a profitable business. You choose one of the games, play it, and, if lucky, get your prize. In this section, you will get acquainted with the possible combinations of numbers to bet:





You bet on a number

35 to 1


You bet on two numbers

17 to 1


You bet on three numbers in a cross row

17 to 1

First four

You bet on the first four numbers

8 to 1

Six numbers

You bet at the intersection of the line separating two transverse rows of numbers and the vertical line bounding the column

5 to 1


You bet on one column that trumps12 numbers in a horizontal row

2 to 1


You bet on a dozen that trumps 12 numbers in mathematical order

2 to 1

Simple odds

You bet on red, black, even, odd, greater or lesser

1 to 1

Roulette Variations

There are several theories about the game of roulette origin. As per some, the wheel comes as a Blaise Pascal’s attempt in developing a perpetual motion machine. Others claim it, probable ancestors, the Italian Biribi and the French Hoka.

Conventional variants:

European variety

There is only one zero on the wheel, which gives a profit of 2.7% to gambling establishments. It is often called the ancestor since all the famous world’s roulettes originate from it. There are different versions of its origin. According to one of them, it comes from games called Wheel of Fortune and Wheel of Luck.

French variety

It is the most profitable type with one zero and a mathematical expectation equal to 1.35%. The rules were formed in France (roulette is of French origin and means wheel). Although French variation is not as spread in online casinos as European and American, it is more advantageous for players.

American variety

Its defining feature is a zero and a double zero. It increases the profit of the gambling establishment to 5.3 % that is one of the fundamental differences between American and European types.rden.

Less popular types:


Instead of a familiar wheel, there is a stationary bowl with slots for 36 numbers. The slots are numbered and coloured: black, red, and yellow.

Without a zero

There is no zero sector which means reduced risk since it is impossible to lose it all at once.


It is a mini-version of the European roulette. On its game wheel, there are 12 sectors with a zero. In some casinos, when gamblers have a zero, half of the money put is returned.

With a track

The gameplay includes an oval track with numbers and sectors for betting: 0-Spiel, Series 0/2/3, Orphans, Series 5/8. One bet on the track can cover four sectors on the wheel.

Card roulette

Instead of wheels or bowls, there are playing cards arranged in seniority order. Along with that, the numbers have both a colour and suit. For this reason, you can win not only on roulette but also poker rules.


You may need some additional information on virtual roulettes. Follow for these

  • How to win at online roulette?

    Since roulette is a game of luck, high-probability bets give you half the chance of winning, whereas internal bets bring more, but the risk is greater. You can increase your chances by using some betting strategies. However, no win-betting method is reliable.

  • Is online roulette legal?

    No worries! Aussie players can participate and flip their fortune. That said, you can not only play this game on the web but also enjoy other entertainments in Australian virtual casinos.

  • Can I play roulette online for free?

    If you are a beginner or want to try out a game of roulette, you can practice it absolutely for free. As soon as you begin to enjoy, you may play digital roulette with real money and win.

  • What is the safest bet in online roulette?

    A simple answer is to bet on a colour, red or black. The long answer is betting at the outside table has minimal overall risk. Unlike playing at the table, when you bet on some number, you have a better chance to get that casino bonus. In that case, the risk is higher.

  • Can I Play Online Roulette on Mobile Device?

    Many web casinos allow their gambling entertainment in online mobile versions of roulette like in real casinos when you deposit your money. And this is how their visitors can indulge in life-like games on any available device.

  • Can I use a strategy in Roulette?

    Since roulette was born, lots of players have been scratching their heads over strategies to bring a sum. Some approaches hinge on a possible dependence between preceding and probable numbers. Nevertheless, all systems that rest upon maths are perceived solely as a jest rather than a sophisticated way to earn money.

  • Is online roulette rigged?

    Fake games are prohibited, and great pressure is put on software developers. Third-party agencies examine products and give their expert review. So, a roulette played online is a one-hundred per cent transparent game.