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Craps Online in Australia

Craps is a regular casino dice game in which participants place bets on the outcome of a dice roll, a series of rolls, or rolls of several dice. Since the first casinos appeared, it has been gradually gaining its ground in an online setting. So, you do not have to spend tons of time looking for a proper place anymore. Everything is conveniently compiled. Check it right here, right now.

Top Casinos With Craps Online

Nowadays, it is not difficult to play any favourite game, with craps not being an exception. Modern technologies offer solutions for casino craps amateurs. Hundreds of simulators are presented by web casinos with free access, with no restrictions on registration or financial abilities. You can play this game online for free, besides avoiding any risks. Everyone may choose places with a live dealer or a programmed algorithm. Explore the best craps in our casino review.

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Craps Games in Australia

How To Play Craps?

When you play online craps, it is not in any way inferior to a contact one. Players experience not less excitement and joy in a digital casino. For novice players, these rules may seem complicated at first. This game has several playing stages. Moreover, there are lots of different bets. Yet, in fact, players should only study the rules. (Spoiler alert: no card counting is required!)

This game has a big betting field, where a player can make up to ten bets on one game. Basically, it almost follows those of roulette, where you bet on red/black, even/odd. Here, a player bets on Pass Line or Don’t Pass Line, in other words, win or lose. The winning probability is one to two, just like Come or Don’t Come. In case a player bets on these bets plus Odds Bet, it will give a fruitful result.

This game starts with a roll of six-sided dice. If the marking of the dice is correct, then opposite faces should total seven: six opposite one, five opposite two, four opposite three. Otherwise, it may be a fraud. There may be from one to five dices, depending on the type.

They distinguish two stages: Come Out Roll (the player’s first throw) and Point Roll (the throw after the Point is set). A player rolls a dice, and the points number determines the further course of this game.

  • If it is a 7 or 11, a player immediately wins. It gives them a right to roll the dice again.
  • If it is 2, 3 or 12, a player loses and passes the dice to another player.
  • If it is 4, 5, 6, 8 or 9, this number is called Point, and the game moves to the next stage – Point Roll. Here, a player rolls the dice until they get a Point number or 7. In case a player has 7, they lose.

Odds and Payouts

Many players place bets on Pass Line or Don’t Pass Line. These bets are paid one to one. Nevertheless, there are even more variations.

For Pass line and Come bets

4 or 10

2 : 1

5 or 9

3 : 2

6 or 8

6 : 5

For Don’t Pass and Don’t Come bets

4 or 10

2 : 1

5 or 9

2 : 3

6 or 8

5 : 6

Short History of Craps

The word’s exact origin remains unknown till today. Some say it comes from a losing combination that consists of two digits, just like a crab’s eyes (from French crab). Before the craps advent, there was a game called Azar. Then it arrived in America, where eventually it became modified into a modern version. This is how it was born.

By the 1930s, craps was in almost every casino in the United States, where it became a specialty of any gambling place. But in the nineties, it began to lose its popularity. Nowadays, even more online casinos appear, and craps regains its popularity.

How To Win at Online Craps – Best Tips

Perhaps, no other casino game causes such a general nervous tremor as a game of craps. As in any gambling game, it is impossible to get a complete advantage over a casino. However, you can well maximize your benefits along with minimizing your losses.

  1. Thoroughly study rules before playing for money, then practice for free.
  2. Learn basic terms.
  3. Do not trust betting systems that represent various progressions. They are not able to save you from the casino mathematical advantage.
  4. Compare the rules in different craps variations. They may have different payout rates.
  5. No matter where a game flows, do not lose your nerve or succumb to blind anger. In any situation, keep a sober view. Place bets based on logic and your strategy.

FAQ About Craps Games In Australia

Frequently asked questions will introduce you to some specifics of the game and legal issues that most players are preoccupied with.