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The rise of the baccarat game can be traced back to the 1490s, when the Italian version was presented to the French public. Back then, it was a favorite game of the French nobility during the reign of King Charles VIII and was first introduced in Vegas in 1959, where it quickly became a widely popular form of entertainment.
The game baccarat has a mystical and romantic reputation, and its aristocratic origin may sometimes scare people away from the fun. However, this is only a cliche consideration that no longer corresponds to the facts. Baccarat has long been a publicly available game, with its simplified rules and an accessible betting range. Follow for more information about online baccarat in Australia.

Baccarat Games in Australia

How to play Baccarat?

In its early evolution, this game was mainly widespread among the royalty. Nowadays, there is no need to boast of your noble origin to indulge in this game. In a baccarat game, you have to combine two or three cards so that they equal to nine. In its traditional version, players competed among themselves, deciding whether to take a third card or refuse it.

A closer look at this game can reveal that it is one of the simplest casino gambling games. With a few bits of rules and short duration, it is elementary and suitable for high rollers and mystical players, as it makes it effortless to place bets that result in lucrative numbers. This game will be just right for those who do not want to think about the difficult gaming situations, various bets and rules, along with those who want to make large bets with a minimum number of outcomes.

Baccarat Rules

A player chooses a bet: on a Player or Banker. Here, players can bet only on a Player or Banker. The idea is to score points equal to or close to nine. If the sum is more than nine, tens are discarded, for example, 8+7=15=5.

Cards from two to nine have corresponding values, whereas the ace is 1, and all the others value at 0. There is a specific order for card dealing: the first and third cards go to a Player, the second and fourth cards go to a Banker.

The third card deals according to the following rules:

Bet on a Player

Two cards total in A third card

0 – 5


6, 7


8, 9

A win

Bet on a Banker

Two cards total in A banker gets a 3rd card if a player’s 3rd card A banker does NOT get a 3rd card if a player’s 3rd card is

0 – 2



0 – 7, 9



2 – 7

0, 1, 8, 9


4 – 7

0 – 3, 8, 9


6, 7

0 – 5, 8, 9




A win

Betting Options

Winning bets to play baccarat are paid as follows:

Player One to one
Banker One to one minus five-percent bank commission
A Tie bet, or a draw. In case of this, the payout is eight to one. This bet can be made both separately and/or with a Player and Banker.

PP, or Player’s Pair. A bonus bet that occurs when players have the same initial two cards. The payout is eleven to one. PB, or Banker’s Pair. Just as PP, only for a banker. These bets are optional and can be made only with the main bet, Player and Banker.

Best online baccarat strategies

Many people practice to find stable methods for victories. Some of them include:

  • MARTINGALE. A most famous negative progression system that gamblers utilize in games of chance. According to this approach, a player should bet the same amount of money after they win and double it if they lose.
  • PASSWORDS. In comparison to Martingale, this progression system is positive. Players bet a fixed initial sum at the beginning of each game. It is considered that 2% of the total amount you plan to allocate for the game baccarat is an ideal budget for a fixed initial sum. According to this you leave your bet unchanged in case you lose; otherwise, you double it.
  • LABOUCHERE. There are many descriptive names to this approach that you might have heard, including Reduction Tactics and Diminutive Progression. Just like in Martingale, it is based on a negative progression that targets loss compensation with a win. That is how it works: small wins accumulate and make for the losses.
  • FIBONACCI. Yet another negative progression strategy. This method falls back on the sequence of Fibonacci numbers, with every subsequent number amounting to the whole of the previous two (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, etc.). This method of Fibonacci numbers has a unique place in gambling and nature in general.

Top Tips To Win Baccarat

Information is of great importance as long as it empowers its holder. In this section, you will learn several key aspects of online baccarat in a virtual casino.

A primary thing that experts warn about is to never bet on a draw. That is not just some profit-making, but working advice whose effect is gaining more and more followers every single game. And cold facts say that casinos’ advantage when betting on a draw totals 14.4%. Nevertheless, if you chase impressive victories, you will enjoy this bet. Yet, in terms of profit-loss correlation, you will end at a significant loss.

A banker is the most profitable choice for any bet because, in this case, you will win 50+ per cent of this bet. That is the only bet where you can minimize the advantage of every casino. And no need to worry when your game does not look as emotional and inspiring as when you bet on a draw. You, anyway, will win more often.

There is a popular strategy for novice players to record games. But professionals claim this to be fruitless. Playing online baccarat in any casino, you should forget about this mechanism and keep your hands only on your game because card shuffling occurs after each round.

Online casinos have free modes for all their games. Take advantage of this opportunity and learn online how to gamble in baccarat before you bet real amounts of money. Read rules, gain experience, check the statistics, find your strategy, shortly speaking, dive into your game. Otherwise, you will have to face the music.

Variations To Play Baccarat

Like any game, after making its way into the lives of millions of people, it starts to evolve and absorb changes. There are several types of baccarat that you can find online.

Mini baccarat

The most top rated type, only in its simplified version with a smaller table. Every gambler has three betting fields: on a player’s victory, dealer’s victory, and draw. Another peculiar characteristic is its relatively low betting limits. What makes this baccarat so special is that even beginners will have no problem making themselves comfortable at a table with a live dealer.


This French adaptation differs in many aspects from what gamblers are accustomed to. The chief peculiarity of baccarat is that gamblers here play against each other, not a casino whose chief responsibility is to keep a smooth flow of the game. For its service, casinos usually charge five per cent of the bank. The baccarat online casino provides space and equipment, monitors that players follow the rules, and resolves disputes, if necessary.

Punto Banco

Punto Banco is its closest offspring from Europe. A table for this game has peculiar markings. Players can take any free seat which corresponds to a game box. Only a dealer acting on behalf of a casino and playing the role of Banco deals the cards.

Dragon Bonus

It was a long time before this version finally made its way online. That is the most common version of this game with bonuses that allow you to claim additional payouts. This edition has its variants that may differ in the number of decks, payout rates, commissions for a banker bet.

FAQ About Baccarat Games In Australia

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